Tropical Midnight

Tropical Midnight



            We were at a resort in Fiji. It was a little after midnight as we sat on the deck of our private over water bungalow. From it we could see the main grounds. Soft torch lights dotted the grounds and the trade winds rustled through the leaves on the palm trees. The song of the rolling surf was the perfect music.  

She was wearing a powder blue micro mini skirt and a matching sleeveless fishnet blouse. It was tied just below her full breasts and showed her bare midriff. The skirt and top accented her athletic figure. Under her blouse she had on a lace fuchsia bra and matching lace panties under her skirt. Her fingernails and toenails were also polished fuchsia. The polished glistened on her toes. She sat with her legs crossed dangling a powder blue rubber flip-flop from her foot. “This is nice after a long flight” she sighed. The glow of the torchlight made her look radiant.

            Suddenly, she flashed a sly grin and climbed in her Adirondack chair on her knees. Then her flip-flops dropped to the floor. I could never get enough of seeing her smooth soles. Her toes spread as in an attempt to reach for them. But they also beckoned me to my knees. I dropped a couple of chair pads to the floor and knelt before her soles.

I buried my face into her soles. I savored their softness as my lips pressed into them. She moaned as I kissed each of her outstretched toes. “I love how you kiss my feet” she whispered.   My tongue flicked under her toes before I took one of her little toes in my mouth. It outlined her toe. Then my lips pulled on it and teased it. I did not stop at her little toe. I sucked each of her toes.

 I took both of her big toes into my mouth. As I sucked them, my hands tugged down her panties. “Yes” she asked in an authoritative tone. I did not answer, but kept pulling and sucking.  “Wait a second” she moaned. Her toes slipped out from between my lips. She stood up. Her panties fell to the floor. Then her blouse and bra landed on top of them.

I wrapped my arms around her thighs and held them tight. I placed gentle kisses on the top of her thighs just below the hem of her skirt. Our energies merged and set us a blaze.

She sat back in her chair and spread her legs. One leg rested on the armrest of the chair. Her fingers hiked up her skirt.  Then she cupped her breasts with her hands. Her fingers tweaked her stiffen nipples. “Thrill me…Baby! Thrill me!” she said as a quiver went through her. My tongue traced her drenched and swollen labia. It did a slow dance over and between their folds. I felt her swoon.

 She sighed and I felt her fingers caress my clean shaven head. I swirled my tongue over the top of her mound and coaxed her clit to awareness. I took her clit between my lips and sucked it like I did her little toe. I felt her body shudder, “I’m coming!” she whined in a husky voice.  But I kept sucking and licking as her juices rolled into my mouth. 

When I did let up she was breathless and crept down on her knees in front of me. We kissed. “I love how I taste on your lips!” she moaned. She pulled down my basketball shorts. Her hands stroked my hard cock.  Then she dropped down on to her elbows and knees. Her skirt flipped up. “Take me this way!”

I gazed down at her wrinkled soles.  I lay on my stomach at them. I could not help myself and began to kiss them. “Yes…that’s it Baby enjoy my soles! They are nice a wrinkled for you!” she purred.  My tongue whirled over and into the wrinkles in her soles. Then I licked from her toes to her heels. As I traced her heels, the scent of her pussy filled my nose.  I could not wait any longer. I had to be inside her.

She gasped with a start as my cock pushed between her wet lips.  “Damn! That feels so good!” she said. Her hips rolled to take all of my cock into her pussy. She was so wet and warm. I drove as hard and deep as I could.  Her body shivered and she gasped, “I…I…” But ecstasy took over her before she could finish. 

A spark from her orgasm ignited my cock. I shook as it went off. I called out her named and I froze as my body spasmed.   

 The moonlight shimmered on the sea. She was cradled in my arms. I kissed on her neck.  We stood on the deck and basked in the warmth of our afterglow.




The End