The Secret Garden


The Secret Garden



                This hot summer evening started out with a casual dinner and a late movie.  Mia looked ravishing a long navy blue sundress and navy blue Dr. Scholl’s exercise sandals.  The fabric had white flower print. It lightly draped her slim, tight, and muscular body. The dress was sleeveless, which gave it an even more flowing and feminine accent. Plus her sandals flapped against her bare soles as she walked. Mia knew what that sound did to me. She made her sandals sing with each step she took to tease me.

            It was late. Mia and I were sitting on her patio enjoying a cold bottle of champagne. My eyes traveled over her body. Everything about her teased me and brought me to life. The way her long and thick red hair glistened in the patio candlelight, her succulent red lips as she traced them with her tongue, and even the way the candlelight danced in her hazel eyes made me weak. I could not keep from sharing at her.  She teased me by spreading her toes, and arching her feet in her sandals.  Her feet slipped out of her sandals and gave me a full view. A sly grin formed on her lips as she curled her toes and wrinkled her soles.  Mia made me dearly want to have her feet.    

            Knowing it drove me crazy, she teased me even more. She held her bare feet up so I could kiss them. Mia’s toenails were polished a dark metallic red. Also she had on silver toe rings on the second toe of each foot.  Her spread toes were an inviting sight.   I started out gently kissing her toes. Then I slowly moved down to kiss and lick her soles.  Her feet were soft.

            “That’s it! Enjoy my feet!” Mia said, as she watched me intensely. My tongue traced between her spread toes. I paused to suck each toe.  I let my tongue stroke her toes as I sucked them.  My mouth moved over her feet as I planted gentle kisses down her soles.  She shivered and moaned as my tongue took long slow expert licks up her soles.  

  “Take your time, and enjoy each lick. Taste my soles” she gasped, in a sensual whisper. I did. Then my tongue glided under her toes. I licked up and down her soles again.  Mia enjoyed the mastery of my tongue and wrinkled her soles. My tongue quickly teased each wrinkle.

I traced around her heels.  Mia wore a jasmine vanilla scented perfume, even on her feet.  The perfume’s scent and the sweet taste of her feet enchanted me. It made me bury my face into her soles and vigorously lick them even more. I could not get enough of her feet. Mia’s sighs and moans grew louder with each lick and was music to my ears.  I paused for a moment and looked up. Mia had unbuttoned her dress.  She was naked under her dress.

“Oh… my feet…” She moaned. “Don’t stop kissing them…”

 The nipples were stiff. I watched as her hand clasped one of her round pert breasts. She shuddered as her fingers tweaked and twirled her nipple. With her other hand, began to stroke her pussy. It was clean shaven. I took a few more licks of her smooth soles then asked, “Are you?”

            “Yes, I’m flowing. Mmmmm… you always make me so wet when you kiss my feet.”

            “Then let me…”  I took a slow long lick of her pussy. She gasped and shivered from my tongue’s touch.  “Taste you” I said.

 My tongue petted her wet outer lips.  I licked Mia like I did her soles, slowly taking my time.  My tongue took deep lick inside Mia. She sat back and reveled.  I had to get more of her taste and kept taking deep licks. She quivered with each lick and gasped upon clit’s awareness.  I took it between my lips and sucked it.  She arched her back and cried out, “Oh … I’m coming!” But I didn’t stop I just kept sucking her clit making Mia’s orgasm last longer.  Only when I sensed her enchantment begin to fade I stopped.

            “Mmmmm!” that was nice, said Mia. “But… I have an idea.”


            Mia looked over at her finely landscaped garden. Then she smiled. “Get undressed”.

            “What about the neighbors?”    

            Mia looked at her gold bracelet watch, “Its one-thirty in the morning. Most of my neighbors are asleep.”

   She grabbed my black polo shirt and pulled it up for me to take off. Her skilled fingers slid down to unbuckled my belt and unzipped my blue jeans. My greedy hands tore off the rest of my clothes and stood naked before Mia. I quivered and had to kiss her. She reached up and put her arms around my neck. I wrapped my arms around her waist. I planted soft light kisses on her lips before we shared a long sensual kiss. 

While we kissed my hands slowly pulled down Mia’s sundress. She dropped one arm then the other. Her sundress fell to the patio floor. Her hands gently rubbed my chest. Her touch soothed me.

            “Your body feels so muscular, so massive, and so powerful.” She moaned. “You make me feel so feminine. I like that. Hold me.”   

            Mia laid her head in my chest. My fingers ran through her thick red hair and I gently kissed the top of her head. She let out a soft sigh. I felt Mia’s fingers slowly travel down my side to my cock. It had softened a bit. She knelt in front of me. I watched as she planted soft kisses on the tip of it. I quivered. Then she plunged her lips around it.  She grabbed my cock with one hand and sucked like it was a Popsicle. My cock stiffened in her mouth.

            “Oh… Mia!” I gasped.

             “Yes… that’s what I want” she said then stood up. She grabbed my harden cock and led me to the garden.  Her hands were soft but I loved her firm hard grip on my turgid nature.  She led me to a spot in the corner of her yard where the grass was sectioned off by a large flowerbed and the tall redwood fence around her yard. The spot had a sense of seclusion.  I noticed a thick dark comforter spread out on the grass between the flowers.   

            “When did you put this here?”

            “I did it when I got some flowers for the table, while you were opening the champagne.” she replied. “Nobody is going to see us. I like to play with myself in this spot around this time. But… since I have YOU here.” Mia lay down on the comforter. She smiled and said.  “Now… put that sweet hard dick of yours inside me.”

Mia’s closed her eyes and let out a soft moan as she received my cock. Her pussy felt so wet and warm. My eyes closed as I quivered and gasped.   I licked and sucked her long erect nipples while out hips rolled together.  Mia began to tremble. Her hands rubbed all over my back.

            “Mmmmm… You feel so good inside me!” she moaned.  I slowly began to thrust deeper and harder.  “Oh… that’s it… baby.  Fuck me hard. I’m… I’m so close.”   

            She arched her back, closed her eyes, and cried out in ecstasy.  My hips kept pushing while she was in rapture.  I could feel waves the delight rolling through her.

“I’m …coming… so much!”  Mia put her feet up to my face and said breathlessly, “Come with me… come with me!” 

My tongue shot. I tasted the wrinkles in her soles.  She moaned again, “Come with me baby. You have the best of both worlds…. my pussy… and my… feet!” The taste of her soles and my cock inside her pussy was enough set me off. At that, my body jerked as my cock gushed. I felt Mia kegel my cock with each spurt.

    “Oh… Mia… I love your sweet pussy!” I roared.

                “Yes!  Let all your come go inside me!” 

            After we came, Mia laid in my arms. We looked up at the night sky at the stars. They shone bright along with the moon. A warm gentle breeze caressed both our bodies. It added to our afterglow and feed our sensual energy. I had to admit to myself that this setting was very sensual and peaceful. I understood why Mia liked to play in this spot.  

            “Oh, this is a nice feeling.” Mia said. Then we kissed.   

            “Yeah… baby this is real nice.”   

            “I’m enjoying the glow we have.” she said. Then she rubbed her feet against my leg.

            “Your feet are so soft!” 

            “You like that?” she coyly asked.

            “That is going to get me started again.” I replied and quivered.

 She did not answer, but kept rubbing her feet against me. I kissed her bare shoulders. I didn’t care if the neighbors saw us. As far as I was concerned, they were getting a good show tonight. We both could feel my cock. It began to rise again. As she rubbed her feet the harder I got. I began to quiver even more.

            “You know what you’re doing to me?” I kissed her shoulder more.  She didn’t answer, but patted her soles against my leg. My cock was rock hard again. I quickly got on top of her again. She spread her legs and held them up. Her body shuddered as my cock penetrated.

“Yes!” she moaned. “That’s what I want! Give it to me one more time… once more!”  I sucked her pert breasts. My rhythm started to make Mia shiver. Her pussy swished with each thrust I made.  “I’m coming!” she whined.   She looked up at me.   “Come for me again!”            She began to kegel my cock again. “I’ll make it tight for you!”

            Mia was so sensitive from being enraptured, mild orgasms rolled through her with each trust I took. She looked so sexy with her eyes barely closed and her mouth slightly opened. Her moans and sighs filled the night air.  Mia put a hand on the side of my face. I felt her trembling fingers stroke my cheek.

              I could feel myself getting close and Mia could feel it too. She tightened her pussy around my cock with all her might and then rolled her hips. That put me over the edge. I came.


              “Yes…yes… that’s what I want!”

             I held Mia as our bodies still trembled. Neither of us cared if the whole neighborhood had watched us. Though we knew nobody did where we well hidden in the garden.  We glowed in ecstasy as we looked at the stars.           

            “How did you come up with this idea?” I asked.

            “I started doing this a while ago. One night I couldn’t sleep. The sky looked just like it does now.  So I got a glass of wine and a blanket. Then came out here to this spot. It was so wonderful.”

             “We’ll have to do this again, before summer ends.”

            “We will.” said Mia. She gave me a kiss. “We will.”


                                      The End