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Lazy Afternoon


            Lana looked like an exotic lady of mystery with her head covered in a long white scarf that also wrapped around her neck. A large pair of black Chanel sunglasses added to the effect. Her scarf also an accented her white sundress which had small red and orange flower prints. The dress had a tank top and showed her round bare shoulders.  

            We were in her white Jaguar XK convertible. She had the top down. We enjoyed the sun and the breeze as Lana drove us to a state park which was converted from a small winery for an afternoon picnic. Some of the winery’s old building still stood. However, the park was heavily wooded in some areas.  

After she parked and I grabbed the picnic basket. I watched her walk down some stairs. Her dress draped her athletic figure and flowed as she walked. She had on a pair of red rubber flip-flops and the color of the polished on her toenails matched her flip-flops. Her toenails glistened in the sun.

The foot bed of her flip-flops was thick which made them make a loud flapping noise as she walked. The sound of her flips-flops sent a shiver down my spine. My eyes were glued to her bare heels and soles. Lana knew it and teased me with each step she took.  Her stride was deliberate to make her flip-flops undulate against her soles as loud as they could.

The stairs led to a paved path which feed into one of the wooded areas in the park. As we walk the path became dirt. Then Lana went to a clearing and over a grassy knoll. On the other side of the knoll was a clear area surrounded by a clump of bushes and tall trees. A small brook ran next to the clearing.  The area had a sense of seclusion. The sound of the water trickling over rocks in the brook made the spot peaceful.

Lana knelt down and laid out the blanket. Her soles and heels enticed me to kiss them. I planted gentle kisses on her heels.  She gasped with a slight start, but moaned as I continued to kiss her feet. Then my tongue traced around the edge of her feet and outlined the straps of her flip-flops.   She rolled onto her elbows and my tongue traced across her toes. 

            “My feet… they were supposed to be dessert.” she giggled.

            “I couldn’t help myself.”

            “Sit back.”

            As I did Lana opened my jean shorts. Then she sat back and played with my cock with her feet. We watched it stiffened from the slight touch and tease from her flip-flops. I melted as she held it between the soles of her flip-flops.  She took off her flip-flops and clasped my cock between her toes.  I slumped on to my back.

            “I may as well enjoy a little dessert too” she whispered.

            Lana kissed the tip of my cock. Then her tongue flicked over it. She swirled her tongue and inched my cock into her mouth. I watched her head bob up and down.  A quiver ran through me as her lips slurped it.  I gasped as her tongue ran from the bottom of my cock to the top.

            She hiked up her dress and positioned herself on top of me. Her fingers guided my cock into her pussy. “Oh!  You make me so wet when you kiss my feet!” Then she leaned down and our fingers intertwined. Her teeth pushed into her bottom lip as she rocked her hips.  

            Suddenly, Lana straightened up as if an electric shock shook her. She let out a loud moan. Her hips stopped for a moment. She sighed and her hips began their sensual grind again.

            I pushed my cock up into her as deep as I could. Lana’s dress covered us. “What if somebody walks up on us?” I gasped.

            “This is a very secluded spot” she answered. Her voice was husky. “If anybody walks up on us they will just have to watch us. We’ve gone too far to stop now.”  Her head fell backward, “Oh!” she cried in ecstasy.

            I felt her shudder go down to my cock inside her pussy.  It shook me too. My body stiffened, my eyes clenched shut, and groaned as my cock went off.  

            “That’s it Baby! Come with me!” said Lana.

            Lana stayed on top of me for a moment.  She smiled, “That was nice”. Then she lowered herself to my chest. I wrapped my arms around her. We kissed. 

            “That was a great first course.” I chuckled.

            “We were supposed to eat first, but somebody had to kiss my feet.”

            “Did I ruin dessert?”

            “No, but we should eat so you’ll have your strength up for dessert,” she chuckled.

            Lana had prepared a nice picnic lunch. The lunch was Caesar Salad in two Chinese take out cartons, a small baguette of French bread and butter, fried chicken, and a bottle of sparkling wine.  The meal was perfect for the afternoon. We ate and enjoyed the birds singing and the sound of the water in the brook.

            After our meal I gently kissed her shoulders. I took off her scarf as I sniffed the scent of her perfume. The scent was a subtle vanilla and jasmine spice.  It along with her femininity enchanted me.

            “This is nice a lazy summer afternoon having a picnic lunch in a secluded spot with my lover. We eat and make love all afternoon”, whispered Lana.

            She took off her flip-flops and held her leg up. Her toes stretched apart. “I love this color on my toes. It’s called Flaming Ruby” she said. Then she switched and held her other foot up.  I watched as she rolled her ankle. When I looked back into her face, she had taken off her sunglasses.  Her eyebrow was raised. With a sly grin she added, “Do you like it?”

I kissed down her leg then I kissed one of her big toes. “Answer your question?” Then I traced my tongue under her toes before I kissed down her soles. I held her ankles together and buried my tongue into the wrinkles in her soles. She let out a soft moan. I glanced down at her. Lana had her top down and her hand was clasping one of her bare breasts. While her other hand pulled up her dress and a finger pushed between her thighs. I worked my tongue back under her toes and I slowly sucked each one.

I lowered her ankles and pulled down my jean shorts. I kissed my way on top of her. My lips pulled at her nipples. I felt her swoon from the touch of my cock against her drenched labia. I held her breasts together and licked her cleavage.  She began to tremble as I felt her fingertips gently skim the back of my clean shaven head and moaned when she received me.    

I looked at Lana. Her mouth was open and she struggled to speak. “Kiss me!” she finally ordered in a breathless whisper. “Kiss me!”

            As our lips met our hips rolled in rhythm. Her arms wrapped around me and her hands rubbed over my back. A mild orgasm made her cry out with a loud gasp.

“I’m coming!” she whined. 

            Her energy shot into me like electricity. My back arched. “Lana!” I cried as my cock went off. She held me with all her might. I melted in her arms as my cock spurted. Neither of us could move. The heat from our sensual energy had us locked.

             As our orgasms ebbed, we enjoyed the afterglow of our lovemaking with soft kisses. I held Lana in my arms. The afternoon passed and we were still half undressed.

            “Nice spot for a picnic… maybe we should get dressed” I said breaking the silence. “We should do this again.”

            Lana winked her eye and said, “Then we shouldn’t worry about getting dressed”.



The End