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Aurora's Surrender

        Aurora’s eyelids inched open. Still in a fog she took note of her surroundings. The room was dim except for the high beamed light that was over her and she was bound to a table.  Her last memory was of her in battle with Black Stingray. The battle took place over an oil drilling platform in the ocean. Both were in flight.

 He had destroyed the platform’s drill and was about to destroy the control center. She was successful in stopping his attack on the control center giving the workers time to evacuate the platform. In the melee as she fired off her light energy bolts at Black Stingray and as he retaliated with his venom sting blasts, a worker got into harm’s way. She saved the worker but as was hit trying to evade one of his venom sting blasts.  The blast hit her with full force and numbed all her senses. She fell from the sky toward the ocean. Then she blacked out. As she awoke the effects of the venom still had not fully worn off.  

            She tried to move, but realized she was bound on the table. The table was upright. It had energy cuffs which held her wrists and ankles. Aurora closed her eyes to summon her powers to break free, but nothing happened. I feel so weak!  In panic she looked down at her feet for the source of her miraculous powers. My sandals! I am without them! I’m helpless!

            “Looking for these?” said a baritone voice from the shadows across from her. A spot light concentrated on a pair of platform flip-flops. They were purple and had a velvet texture. Small golden crystals outlined the foot bed.

            Aurora looked at her sandals and then at a silhouette of a man seated on a throne within the shadows across from her.  “My sandals…return them!” she ordered.

            “Not at this time” replied the silhouette with a slight chuckle. “You are in no place to give me orders surface woman.”

        “Stingray… I have to will my sandals off! None can remove them! How were you able of all people?”

            Black Stingray adjusted himself to lean forward on his seat. “It wasn’t as difficult as you would like to think.”  There was a pause. Aurora felt his eyes viewing her athletic figure and creamy fair skin. “My venom sting shutdowns all your body’s senses, including your telepathic connection to your sandals. Your connection was broken when you blacked out. They fell off when you hit the water.”  

             “You know the secret of my powers!” she gasped.  “Now… you’re the only one who knows!”

            “I guess that makes me your arch enemy” he replied with a laugh. “I studied you during our last battle.”

            “You mock me! I seem to remember the battle before this past one… I had you beaten.”


            “I had you fleeing back into the ocean.”

            “I had done the damage I needed to do. You… were a triviality.”

            “You think very high of yourself Stingray. But that is true of all Aquaquilians.”

            “And your underestimation of me has you bound and helpless before me.” He sat back in his chair. “I was wondering when you were going to realize I am from your home planet of Castavar.”

            “I’m shocked you’re not gasping for water by now.”

            “I am less Aquaquilian than you think and more Terrenian than you know.” 

            Black Stingray rose from his seat. He strolled out of the shadows.  His body was large and muscular. Yet it was still streamlined like a swimmer’s physique.  A long hooded black cloak was all the clothing on his brown body.

It flowed around his shoulders down to his ankles. The cloak accentuated his broad shoulders.  On his massive arms he wore long silver cuffs on his wrists.

  He stopped before her and snapped his cloak closed over his naked brown body. But not before she had a good view of it. A small shiver went through her. His body excites me!  But why does he have to be a villain and an enemy from my home planet?  “So now that I’m your prisoner… what next? This room fills with water and I drown?”

 “I am no longer Warrior Elite. I care less about that foolish war on our home world” He snapped “Unlike you who came here as a queen to govern the Terrenians who live among the humans on earth. I was banished here… by my own kind!”


            “The hatred of air breathers among my people is great. I am half Aquaquilian and half Terrenian. I long kept my heritage a secret, but it was found out. I was betrayed.  If it were not for the valor of me being Warrior Elite, I would have been put to death.”

             Aurora could not hide the expression of shock under her golden mask. It covered her eyes and was connected to her headdress. Purple velvet mesh with small golden flaks covered the back of her head. The headdress gave her a regal appearance.

            “Surprised aren’t you surface woman?” said Black Stingray.

She watched his eyes as they scanned over her mini tube dress. It was made of the same material as the back of her headdress. However, her dress was topless. It clung close to her figure yet was vented with side slits over her thighs. Aurora wore golden pasties on her large breasts and a golden beaded chain connected them. In the middle of the chain was a large clear tear drop crystal.

Wide golden cuffs adorned her wrists and ankles.  Her golden cuffs were accented by the purple metallic polish on her fingernails and toenails.  

A smile formed on his lips as he looked upon her and began to pace in front of her. Then he stopped and looked into her eyes. “I am my own ruler and my own man!” He looked down at her toes. Aurora wiggled them again in a vain attempt to sense her sandals and regain them.  “You should know surface woman, you are not the only one in this room that can make light into energy.” A stunned expression cover her face. She tried to shift in her restraints and spread her toes again. I can’t sense my sandals and they are right in front of me!  But how can this be?

             Black Stingray watched with amusement. But sight of Aurora’s toes spreading and her bare feet excited him. In a smooth motion he closed his cloak to hide his cock as it began to throb and grow.  “Though I was warrior elite, I was also a scientist. I told you I studied. I understand the principle of how your powers work. You absorb the energy of the star crystals on your sandals through your bare feet.  I would guess you are one of a chosen few who are worthy to wear them. Perhaps your pure heart and royal blood qualifies you?”  He pointed to the ceiling. “A concentrated beam from an energy shield projector can block you from your sandals as long as I wish.”

            She slumped for a moment. Then she caught herself and fixed her body in rigid defiance.  “I am not afraid!” she declared. “Do what you want to me!”

            “That is my plan” he added with a raised eyebrow. He walked over to a crystal orb that was sitting on a pedestal next to his chair. He waved his hand over the orb and the table laid back.

            “I am ready to die like the queen that I am”.

            “I never said anything about death.” He added.

“If I wanted you to die, I would have never rescued you after fell into the ocean. You would have been left to drown”. He walked over to the base of the table.

Then he knelt. His tongue took a slight brush against her bare soles.

            Aurora gasped with a start upon the touch of his tongue. “So… this is about my feet?” she charged. “I have heard that Aquaquilian men have a fetish for female feet. Now I know this to be true.”  He did not answer, but continued to lick her sole

and planted kisses on her toes. Then his tongue brushed under them, before it traced her soles down to her heels.

            My feet! My soles! I love what he’s doing! She did her best to suppress a moan, but made a soft sigh instead.  Aurora raised her voice, “Indulge your passion while you have me bound Fishman! When I get my sandals back… it will be you bound helpless at my feet! I promise… I will make you beg to kiss them and for life giving water!”  She chuckled, “Or should I call you Footboy?” She arched her feet. “Yes… I like the sound of that….Footboy.”

Suddenly, Black Stingray stopped and stood up. He began to walk back to his throne. But his stride was slow with a slight stagger. Aurora raised her head and watched him. Why did he stop? Damn him, he has surmised I love my feet kissed as well! He taunts me!   She noticed his stagger. He’s weak.

When he sat in his chair, it moved back over a pool of water that was feed by a small waterfall. The chair eased in place under the waterfall. He pulled down his hood and stretched out in his chair. As the water fell over his body, he moaned.

“What’s wrong Footboy?” barbed Aurora. “I get it. The mighty Black Stingray gets weak when he is aroused and out of his element. My feet arouse you. I guess that makes me your arch enemy now that I know your weakness.”  She watched him and waited for a reaction. 

She spread her toes. Then she curled them to make her soles wrinkle. “Come on Footboy…you know you can’t resist.”

He walked back over to her and began to lick her soles again.

Like a sculptor uses a chisel to edge fine detail in a sculpture, his tongue to trace under and between her toes.

 “That’s it Footboy enjoy yourself. I know my feet make you weak” said Aurora. Then she giggled, “I made a rhyme” Her voice turned cool. “The next time we battle… you will be my prey” The touch of his tongue on my soles of my feet! It makes my juices begin to flow!

 “Your taunts… don’t fool me surface woman.  Why do you try to hide your pleasure behind them? You are enjoying this as much as I.”

“Right Footboy, appease your passion of my feet while you can.”  A shudder went through her. He’s right I can’t hide my pleasure. Each of his kisses and licks on my feet breaks me.

Black Stingray stood and walked to the head of the table. He stood so that his hardened cock was next to her fingers and dropped the hood of his cloak. Aurora looked up into his face. He was handsome. His eyes were steely yet kindness was in them. A thin black goatee lined around his full lips. His thick black hair was slicked back into a long ponytail.  He folded his arms.

“I sense kindness in you. Why did you attack the drilling platform?” She asked as her finger tips grazed his cock.

“The drilling was destroying life under the sea. I warned them of the problems drilling in that area could cause. My warnings were not heeded. ”

 “They studied the area; there would be no harm to any sea life with the drilling.”

“Wrong! The Orcanians live in the area. Their colony is protected and cloaked by an invisible shield your surface technology will never detect.

Yet the drilling caused underwater earthquakes and damage to their city. I am their protector. They took me in when my own people exiled me.”

 “I didn’t know” said Aurora. She looked into his face. Anger gave away to pain and pain to being soothed from her touch on his cock.  Her fingers began to caress his cock even more.

 “You surface dwellers make me a villain. Yet I protect those who wish nothing but to live alone on this world in peace. So I ask… who are the real villains?”

Aurora was at a loss for words. She recalled Black Stingray asking not to have drilling in the area when the drilling platform was being built. He tried to speak at the World Counsel but Golden Knight and Mega Ranger attacked him. The fight between the three was no contest. In a show brute strength Black Stingray with ease defeated two of the strongest heroes in the Sociality of Defenders.

There was a silence in the room. Then they both looked down at his cock as Aurora’s fingers were fully stroking it. A shudder went through her. She caught herself and snatched her fingers closed.

 “I can sense moisture when I’m out of water” he said.

“You have a pool which is feed by a waterfall. There is moisture throughout this room.”

“You know what I mean. Again you gave away yourself.”


Black Stingray pulled up her dress.  Then he gently tugged on her panties. They were purple velvet thong.  “Very nice” he smiled.

‘What are you doing? You can’t! I’m a queen! If you defile me… so help me Stingray… when I regain my sandals. I will… I will…!”

 “You will...what?”

Damn him! He sees through me! 

She raised her hips as he continued to pull her panties off.  He turned off the energy restrains on her ankles. Without a struggle he lifted her ankles.  After he took off her panties, he kissed her toes.  Then he turned back on the energy restrains on the ankles as the table frame moved to spread Aurora’s legs. Black Stingray grinned as he looked down at her pussy. She was clean shaven.  He knelt down and planted soft kisses on her drenched labia. Aurora shuddered from his kisses.

“I told you I could sense moisture.” He began to lick her.

Aurora’s body slumped. Oh his tongue! First my soles… my quim! She could not fight any longer. Her sighs and moans filled the air. A mild orgasm jolted her. My clit! She’s awakened! “This man is so masterful!” she found herself crying out.  She felt him take her clit into his mouth. As he sucked it she writhed on the table in her restrains. Sensual energy flowed through her. Its shock made her senses tingle and a small stream from her pussy trickled into his mouth. “I surrender!” she whined. Then she cried out in ecstasy. Her stream of juices grew more intense as it flowed. Black Stingray drank her stream.

When her orgasm subsided, she felt his tongue probe between the folds of her soaked lips to get every drop of her juices. “You have replenished me.” He moaned.

“No… you’ll need all your strength for what is next for us. Go to your pool and completely renew yourself” she ordered in a breathless whisper.

As Stingray was in his pool, Aurora lay with her body trembling.  I’m so sensitive! His shaft is so strong and beautiful! My quim… she aches for it!

Suddenly she felt his lips on her sole then his tongue flick under her toes. When he brushed the tip of his cock against her sole, she gasped.  Then he kissed up her legs to himself on top of Aurora. She was breathless as he looked upon her heaving chest.

 “I know you also have a mental connection to your jewelry. Release it.”

“I have.” She replied. “Remove it… my breasts are for your pleasure!”

He took off her pasties and nipple chain. His tongue traced her nipples and then licked her cleavage. With a sigh she arched her back as he sucked her breasts. “Fill my quim with your shaft!”

Stingray eased his cock into Aurora’s pussy. As it pierced her swollen lips she gasped with a start. He pumped his cock slow and steady deep inside her. The wetness of her pussy made his body quake


“Yes” she whispered. “Let your shaft feast on my quim!”

She rolled her hips in tandem with his. Her eyes closed as an orgasm took control over her.  But his hips kept pushing. As the orgasm ebbed another flowed in through her. “Release your ecstasy with me!” she cried. “I can feel you are ready!” Stingray roared as his cock discharged. “Yes… my warrior! That’s it! Come with me!”

 As their orgasms subsided; Aurora could feel Stingray’s body was fully weakened. “You have never been aroused and had sex out of water? Have you?” she asked.

“It has been some time. I must have water” he gasped. Then he kissed her. “You are free.” He got up, staggered toward the pool, and dove in.

For a moment Aurora laid on the table. I can’t believe what just happened. I surrendered myself to an enemy from my home world!  I’m glad that my subjects can’t see me like this, bound helpless and in total ecstasy. Her body still tingled from her orgasms. And yet, I want more of him! She lifted an arm. The restraints were gone. She took her time to sit up. Out the corner of her eye she saw her nipple jewelry and then closed her eyes.

It rose in the air and eased onto her breasts.  A slight shudder went through her as her nipple jewelry settled on her breasts.  “I’m still humming” she whispered. She slid to the edge of the table and looked at her sandals. I can now sense them! Her toes spread and her sandals glided across them room. They gently slid on to her feet. Aurora closed her eyes as her powers began to build inside her. Feel my powers restoring…my sandals…they heighten my. Suddenly she cried out in rapture. Aurora fell back on the table as her orgasm took over her. She arched her back as toes spread. Her sandals made a loud flapping sound as her feet flexed in them. “Again… I come!” she cried.

The more her powers regenerated to full strength the more intense was her orgasm. When her powers were back at full strength her orgasm ended. As she composed herself, there was a splash from the pool. She jumped from the table, held her hand up, and balled her fist. It glowed with a purple light. She walked around the room and shinned the light from her hand. “Where are you?” she ordered. “Show yourself!”

At that moment she felt a small prick on her bare shoulder. Her vision got fussy and the room began to spin. Aurora slumped to the floor.

Later, Aurora awoke to the sound the surf. She was on a secluded beach on the mainland.  With a start she looked around. Then saw a trail of footprints that lead back into the ocean.  It was then she noticed two toe rings on her feet. The rings had a large pearl which were circled with diamonds in a gold casing. Each ring was on the second toe of her feet and was a perfect fit.  She levitated and gazed at the ocean then down at her toes. These will be used against you next time we meet Black Stingray!


The End

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