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The Barefoot Burglar
Jacques Gerard
Forbidden Publications
Reviewed by Crystal
Natasha was the owner of a club named "The Touch" but she had a side job that was more exciting. She was the barefoot burglar. She was hired by top executives to find out information on other companies.

JT Watkins was an Executive for Watkins Enterprises. He hired the barefoot burglar to get information on Mann Enterprises. But he had a secret of his own. He has a foot fetish and the sight of feet turn him on to no end.

Nastasha was hired by JT to gather information on Mann Enterprises. When JT came to the club, she noticed he kept staring at her feet. She got the information that he needed and helped seal the case and then she met JT at his office where she gave him the information she had found and she was able to please JT with her feet.

The Barefoot Burglar is very short, sexy and unique but very well written. Jacques Gerard has captured the details of a foot fetish perfectly. I for one have never read a story about foot fetishes but I will be doing research after reading this one.