Jazz Set

              A smooth tenor saxophone began a soft and easy intro. Then a rhythm guitar and drums fell in with the sax’s song. They lead the rest of the combo. Their song set the mood for the evening. 

            We sat on a large sectional couch on a patio. The red orange sunset melted into darkness behind the view of mountains. Amber lamps on the patio bathed us in their warm and soft light.

            She curled next to me and sipped a glass of white wine. Her long dark hair gave her the look of an exotic queen. It flowed down to her bare shoulders.  They were accented by the gold peasant top she was wearing. It had small black flower prints. A long black broomstick skirt covered her legs, but I could still see her bare feet under it. Her toenails were polished dark red and glistened in the light in her gold Dr.Scholl’s exercise sandals.  She looked radiant.

            My eyes watched as she dangled her sandal from her foot. She platted its wooden foot bed against her sole. The flapping sound it made blended in with the smooth rhythms of the jazz combo. She caught me staring and giggled. I could not help myself. Her feet excited me.

            “What?” I asked playfully.

            She did not answer and only flashed a sly grin. Then she got up and walked to the edge of the patio. As she walked her skirt flowed and her sandals flapped against her feet. A quiver went through me from the sight. I got up and followed her. I wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her shoulder.

            From the patio’s edge the outline of the mountains could be seen, also a lake down below shimmered under the moonlight in a quiet valley.  I kissed her shoulder again and inhaled the sensual scent of violet, rose, and sandalwood mixed with vanilla.  The scent enchanted me and fed the sensual energy between us.

            A saxophone wailed into a solo on another song. Its mellow melody along with the warm gentle breeze soothed us. She snuggled into my arms.” This is nice” she said, as a bass hummed its deep vibe to complement to sax. They shared a warm duet like us as we enjoyed the view.

            A gentle push from my hand of my hand against her hair exposed her ear. My lips planted a light kiss on it. She shivered. “You know I want to kiss your feet” I whispered.  She turned around and began to unbutton my shirt. Her fingers caressed its black linen with each button that was undone. The palm of her hand lightly rubbed over my chest. She winked an eye and led me back to the couch.

            We sat down on the couch again. I took her sandals off as I put her feet in my lap. My fingers gently massaged her feet.  I watched her shoulders relax. She spread her toes and arched her feet.  A soft moan escaped her lips.

            The wail of a muffled trumpet filled the night air as another song started.  Its notes echoed in a smooth and soothing melody.  My lips pressed gentle kisses on to her delicate and sensitive toes. She had some perfume on her feet. As I kissed her feet I fell deeper under its spell.

            “Mmmmm… I love that” she whispered. I kissed down her soles and then around her heels. The tip of my tongue trickled up her soles. I felt her shiver and then she sighed. I paused and looked up at her. Her eyes burned with a soft flame. The warm lights bathed her face.  “Let me take off my top” she purred.


She sat back to let me savor the site of her bare breasts. I watched her nipples stiffen as the hum of a bass flowed in harmony with the trumpet’s melody.  She moved over to me and opened my tan slacks. Her fingers played with my hardened cock as she pulled it out.  Her kisses were gentle and then she eased her mouth around it. Shivers went up my spine as she sucked it.  Her tongue traced around the tip before she plunged her lips around it again. I melted.  Then she paused for a moment and sat back. She held her feet up and her toes pawed at my cock. Her feet clasped my cock between them.

“Yes” she whispered. “I love to feel your dick between my feet.” Her feet performed a slow sensual massage on my cock.

“Oh Baby… your feet!” I gasped

 She hiked her skirt up. Her fingers danced over her swollen labia. My eyes fixed on her sweet pussy.  Her hand cupped one of her breasts. She held a foot up to my lips and her toes spread apart. “My feet are yours.”   I kissed her toes again. The song of the trumpet echoed as her fingers played with her pussy and made her swoon.

I took long slow licks up and down her soles. She curled her toes. The tip of my tongue traced and probed the wrinkles in her soles. She sighed and moaned from the mastery of my tongue’s stroke. The trumpet’s echo flowed with her cry of delight.

The soft tinkle of piano keys filled the air. I kissed up her legs. Her pussy was next for me to kiss. I moved her hand away.  A muffled trumpet wailed in the background of the piano’s notes. She shuddered from the gentle touch of my lips on her drenched and pouting lips.

She gasped as my tongue played with her labia. It flicked at them like the smooth tickle of the bassist’s fingers as the bass joined in harmony with the piano. Then I took long slow licks in her pussy. She trembled from a mild orgasm.  I could not get enough of her sweet juices as they flowed into my mouth. Her body shook again as her clit came to awareness.  I licked it.

“Yes…” she gasped.

I took her clit between my lips and sucked it. The pull of my lips made her cry out. But, I kept sucking her clit. Her hands franticly ran over my smooth head, before they held it in place. I felt her arms and hands tighten.  Another orgasm had taken her. Her cries of rapture flowed along with bass and piano.

 She was still in the afterglow of enchantment as I kissed and licked my way on top of her.  Our eyes met and we kissed. She was breathless. I looked into her eyes. Then her fingers clasped my cock. They inserted it into her pussy. “Hold me and let me enjoy the feeling of your sweet dick inside me” she moaned.

A songstress began a soft love ballad.  The soft soprano sang, “Will you come inside me. Do you want to ride inside my love?”  Her words were perfect.

I looked into my lover’s face. Her eyes were closed in a swoon. My hips grinned slowly to make my cock ease in and out of her pussy.  She shook as my tongue licked her nipples.  “I’m coming! She whined in a husky voice. Then she cried out as ecstasy took over her.

I savored the glow of enchantment on her face after her orgasm. I kept my hips thrusting. Her sensual energy flowed into me through her warm and wet pussy. It made me shudder. I felt her body quiver again. “Oh!  I’m coming again! Come with me!” she whined.

She came as the songstress held a high note. Her cry echoed with the songstress. My body suddenly froze and my cock went off. She had taken me with her. My cry joined with my lover’s enchantment and the songstress. I froze and I trembled.

“Yes!” she cried. “That’s it… come with me!”  I felt her kegel muscles flex as our orgasms slowly subsided.

A soft Latin guitar player strummed a melody as I held her. My fingers caressed her bare breasts. Our afterglow matched the glow the lamps in the patio. She looked into my eyes and we kissed.

“That was nice” she said. “I really loved your jazz CD mix. You have to make me a copy.”


The End