The Barefoot Burglar 


            Damn! I have got to hide again! Then BB looked down an adjacent hall and saw a dark conference room with its door open. She sprinted inside. The lights in the conference room were motion sensed and popped on when she stepped inside. She jumped with a start, but then turned out the lights. Quickly, she got on her hands and knees and crawled under the table. This must be my night for crawling under desks and tables. She pulled out of her backpack a small canister of tranquilizer spray.

            Two people rushed into the conference room and closed the door behind them. The sound of kissing and heavy breathing filled the room.

            “I’m glad you made it,” whispered the man.

            “I couldn’t wait I have been thinking about you all day” said the woman. “But we can’t be too long I have to get home and finish getting ready for an early fight in the morning.”

            “And we don’t want security catching us either” he added.

            The pair kissed more and undressed. The woman sat on top of the table, while the man knelt before her. He started to kiss her and the woman let out a sigh. The Barefoot Burglar twitched. He’s going down on her. The soft sound of his tongue lapping mixed with the woman’s moans.

             BB could only stretch out under the table. Her nipples stiffened and pushed their way through her fishnet top.  The next thing she knew her fingers were lightly touching her nipples, but she quickly stopped herself. All she could do was arch her feet and spread her toes. Her hand palmed the floor. She shivered along with each sigh and moan the woman made. So hot, and I can’t touch myself!

            The couple’s lovemaking seemed to take forever. Trapped under the table, she dared not give herself away. She imagined herself and J.T. on the table above her. Each moan caused visions to flash in BB’s head.

She tried to concentrate on not being discovered. But when the woman cried out in ecstasy, BB clinched her eyes shut, pressed her lips tight, arched her back, and dropped her head. Her feet arched and her toes spread again. She gently rubbed her feet together as her fingers dug into the carpet. Her body shivered.